June marks a number of awareness events to broaden awareness and celebrate diverse identities. You can use the West Berkshire Observatory to explore relevant data in West Berkshire.

June: LGBTQ+ Pride Month — The 2021 Census was the first national census to ask a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity. On the Data Explorer, search for data in West Berkshire using keywords such as “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”.

June: Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month — Use the Population & Demographics map to map different ethnic groups by neighbourhoods in the District.

5th-11th June: National Carers week — Use the Adult Health and Social Care report to see the numbers of adults providing unpaid care in West Berkshire.

12th-18th June: Men’s Health Week — See the population split by age and sex in the Population & Demographics report. The Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment describes sex differences in drug and alcohol use and those accessing treatment. Access the report for Berkshire West in 2022, and other health needs assessment, on the Needs Assessments and Further Resources page.

19th-25th June: Learning Disability Week — The Adult Health and Social Care report shows information about adults with learning disabilities. The Children and Young People page shows information about children with special educational needs.

24th June: Armed Forces Day — Look at the Population & Demographics report to find the number of people who have served in the UK Armed Forces in West Berkshire.